TinyTERM 5.1

TinyTERM is compliant with a wide range of host systems and servers
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Professionals in today's modern office environment rely on a networked collection of desktop computers, printers, laptops, and back-office servers to do their job. The ability to easily exchange files, access other systems, and share common resources is critical.

TinyTERM is compliant with a wide range of host systems and servers, including UNIX, Linux, DEC and HP, and supports internet standard protocols. Accessing office systems is simple and efficient.

Standardizing on TinyTERM offers easy and economical migration from other vendors' products, with enterprise-grade deployment management tools and integration options providing ease and greater flexibility to control and customize organizational rollouts. Advanced deployment capabilities provide flexibility to control and manage the enterprise rollout process. Customized host access configurations can be easily and automatically pushed from corporate file servers to multiple desktops, and are compatible with Microsoft SMS and Altiris installation mechanisms.

Print management capabilities integrated into TinyTERM allow users to route print jobs to any local or network printer. Print jobs can also be output as files and stored anywhere on the network. Enterprise users can select custom settings and configurations for each printer or print job.

TinyTERM is compliant with a wide range of host systems and servers, and supports many popular file transfer protocols. File transfer support in TinyTERM allows users to transfer files throughout the enterprise using a variety of protocols, including FTP, WTERMCRC compressed, and standard async protocols including X, Y and ZModem.

Main Features:
- Printing
- Screen capture and print
- VT/WYSE Transparent print
- Print redirection to LPD, Windows spooler
- File Transfer Protocols
- Kermit
- Keyboard/Mouse
- Graphical keyboard remapping
- Mouse button remapping and macros


- Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
- 32MB Memory 16MB Disk

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